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About Me

Hi there! I’m Esna Colyn, and my mission in life is to make a positive contribution to women in business by helping them experience ongoing growth, improvement, and empowerment. I am privileged to be called many different names, including wife, mom, chairperson, businesswoman, mentor, and motivational speaker.

I have always loved challenges throughout my life, and through my various business initiatives, I guide women into overcoming their challenges and living victorious lives!

In high school, I was a long-distance and cross-country athlete and competed at a high level. I later realised that being an athlete helped me understand the importance of perseverance in business and life in general. It taught me that:

When you fall down, you have to stand up again. For every valley, you have the choice to move forward to your next mountaintop and after your mountaintop experience, there will probably be a valley again. You just have to keep going!

My greatest desire is to live an authentic life and leave behind a legacy of excellence.

Esna colyn

My Experience

After completing my articles and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant more than 30 years ago, I have gained business (and life) experience in the following areas:

Business Mentoring Services

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Unlock your true potential as a woman in business with personalised guidance and support.

Book your sessions with me today to experience ongoing growth, improvement, and empowerment in your business.

You can choose from the following options:

1-one-on-one sessions

Let’s dive into your specific business goals and challenges and help you live a victorious life! This session is perfect for businesswomen who want focused attention and guidance for professional growth on an ad-hoc basis

3 one-on-one sessions

Go on an immersive journey towards sustained growth for your business while receiving consistent support and progress tracking. These sessions are ideal for those craving long-term mentorship and accountability.

8-one-on-one sessions

A transformative experience where we’ll focus on nurturing your aspirations and guiding you to significant breakthroughs. These sessions are not for the faint-hearted but rather for the woman who aims for lasting change with the support of a dedicated mentor.

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Motivational Speaking

Book Me As A Motivational Speaker

If you’re looking for an experienced and inspiring motivational speaker for your next fundraising, business, school, or church event, count me in!

Some of the topics I’ve spoken about in the past include:

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I am able to deliver my talks in English or Afrikaans.